What you'll learn

How to see learning moments that are unique to each child

By Isauro Escamilla

Identifying and Creating Learning Stories

In adopting an inquiry stance, teachers wonder about their practice, including their students’ learning and their own curriculum and interactions that promote this learning.

By telling stories about these practices, teachers can identify learning stories that communicate with children and families about what their teachers notice about the children’s learning progress and development.

This webinar uses examples of learning stories that show how teachers have identified these moments in their practice and used learning stories to support their inquiry into their own practices.

SALSA's Isauro Escamilla reviews chapter 3 of their book, Learning Stories and Teacher Inquiry Groups, which can be ordered on the NAEYC site or on Amazon.

SALSA ("Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America") is a non-profit Learning Story advocacy group. Learn more and/or join SALSA here.

Certificate available at completion.

Your teacher

Senior Instructor Isauro Escamilla

Dr. Isauro M. Escamilla, born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, is an experienced Spanish/English dual language public school teacher in San Francisco. He is co-author of Learning Stories and Teacher Inquiry Groups: Reimagining Teaching and Assessment in Early Childhood Education (NAEYC, 2021) and a Lecturer at San Francisco State University. He is also a SALSA board member.