Free Educa Workshops

Getting Started - for Teachers

If you are new to Educa or interested to see what Educa is about, these live workshops are for you.

We run a variety of 30-minute workshops:
  • Walkthrough of Educa
  • DRDP Ratings on Educa (US)

There will be time for questions.
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Educa Intro Workshop

What you'll learn

  • Create stories

    Create beautiful stories, snazzy layouts, link to plans and frameworks, then share.

  • What's possible on Educa

    A quick review of the features in Educa and where to find them, so you can check them out later.

  • What families see

    We will show you how to share with families and what they see on our family Touch app.

DRDP Ratings Workshop

What you'll learn

  • Stories as evidence

    How to create a Learning Story portfolio - individual and group stories, share with families and print.

  • Link to DRDP

    Using the DRDP framework selector to add 8-10 rating links for each story. Individualize ratings in group stories.

  • Ratings

    How to complete your Ratings at period ends for reporting. Adding manual observations and more.

Watch Now or Later

Choose a workshop in your timezone at a time that works for you. Or watch a replay.

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