Community Guidelines & Policies

The purpose of our Academy communities is to connect and engage with other educators interested in quality practice. We want to support each other, share ideas, insights and experiences as teachers and leaders.

Educa Academy has established these guidelines for appropriate use of our communities.

Be Respectful. We encourage respectful and thoughtful sharing and discourse. Comments and content shared that is harassing, discriminatory, overtly political, racist, or hostile will not be tolerated and will result in the dismissal of the posting member from our communities.

We encourage you to consider the privilege and bias you may bring to conversations, and, if someone presents a unique perspective, be willing to listen and learn.

Contribute Positively. Please only post articles and videos with the intention to deepen the conversation. The energy of the group is very important to its success, so please avoid negative comments and be mindful of the energy you bring.

Feel free to ask questions when needed, and respond to other members' questions when you can offer support.

Stay Legal. Respect copyright and fair use laws. If you share content, give credit where credit is due.

Educa Academy moderates all communities and reserves the right to delete posts that do not meet the above guidelines.