You Wrote the Learning Story...
Now What?

I wrote this beautifully engaging Learning Story, but what do I do now? Do I send it to parents, staff, families? Do I share with other stakeholders in our community?
This course will cover what's next, sharing with families, and planning. Learn how to best use Learning Stories to connect with families and open new conversations about children.
Moved to a new date: June 14, 5pm EDT
(June 15, 9am NZT)

Certificate available at completion.

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Your Instructor

Senior Instructor Jacqueline Ryan

Jacqueline is an Early Childhood Educator from Lompoc, California.

She has a background in behavior management and the Outdoor Classroom, and she has a passion for Learning Stories, which she sees as a way to connect to children, to families, and to her peers. She helps educators use Learning Stories to provide a way to celebrate learning and develop individual identities.

Jacqueline is working on a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with an Emphasis on Educational Leadership and Administration.