Writing About You - A Way to Practice Learning Stories

by Haley Winters

Learning Stories are a powerful, reflective tool, but it takes a while to find your voice, your style. One way to practice Learning Stories is to write about yourself - and your experience as a teacher.

This webinar explains how to write about you - in a way that makes you more confident in your Learning Stories, and helps you explore your journey as a teacher.

This is a recorded session.
hayley winters

What you'll learn

A path to more confidence in your Learning Story writing (and to understanding yourself as a teacher)

There's a balance required between keeping it real and authentic, engaging for families but also communicating the learning. And so developing your craft as a Learning Story writer is a journey.

This webinar focuses on writing about your life experience as a way to find your voice as an educator and to build confidence as a Learning Story writer.

Explore how Learning Stories about you and your center can help you develop a greater sense of identity for not only the children and families that you serve – but for yourself, also.

Your webinar host

Senior Instructor Haley Winters M. Ed

Haley Winters has a unique perspective with experience in early childhood and higher education. She has a Masters in Educational Studies from Loyola Marymount University.

Haley’s advocacy for Learning Stories began as an undergraduate at CSUCI, using Learning Stories for both assessments and connections with children, families, and educators. Haley found the fluidity of Learning Stories as an assessment tool to be not only easier than other assessment tools she studied, but most importantly, she found them to be impactful and authentic sources of recording and assessing learning.

She is an active board member for the Ventura County CAAEYC and Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America (SALSA).