What you'll learn

You know the phrase, parents as teachers. There's a way using Learning Stories to nurture this role in a child's education.

The separation from children, families and peers is painful, but it could also be an opportunity. Parents want to understand your approach, since it is now more up to them. They are also likely to feedback on your Learning Stories and to contribute parent stories.

This webinar, led by Allyson Montana, explores ways to talk to parents about noticing learning - it's not just about letters and numbers, and play is not just play.

It's about learning-rich activities, and it's about sharing the continuing learning journey by creating parent stories.

Your instructor

Senior Instructor Allyson Montana

New York, United States
Allyson has a Masters in Education and is currently working on her PhD. She has spent many years in the classroom and the last two years as the PD Director at Educa.

Allyson has presented on Learning Stories and other ECE PD at a number of conferences, including the McCormick Institute's Leadership Conference, the SALSA Learning Story Conference, and Head Start and Hilltop.

Allyson has two children, and is a fierce advocate for quality early childhood education.