What you'll learn

How to communicate a resilience-building lens to families using Learning Stories

  • By Barbara Burns, Department of Child Studies, Santa Clara University

  • The science of resilience has identified specific experiences that can buffer adversity and promote resilience skills in early childhood. This knowledge has the potential to revolutionize views of the impact of early childhood education for life-long health and well-being.

  • Join Santa Clara University’s Barbara Burns to deepen your understanding of the importance of resilience skills in early childhood. Learn to create your own ‘resilience-building lens’ as you write Learning Stories and share them with children and families. Join the resilience revolution in early childhood!

  • Certificate available at completion.

Your instructor

Professor Barbara Burns

Barbara M. Burns, Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist and a professor of Child Studies at Santa Clara University. Her research is focused on strengthening child and family resilience and preventing child abuse and neglect in families with young children.

She has collaborated with Sacred Heart Community Service (SHCS), a large community agency to expand a child abuse prevention intervention, called Safe, Secure and Loved: Resilient Families (SSL:RF), into community-led parent education programming that is now offered at many sites.