What you'll learn

Using inquiry groups and Learning Stories to focus on equity

By Dr. Annie White

Integrating Inquiry and Learning Stories: A Focus on Equitable Learning Opportunities

This webinar describes and discusses different learning stories that show and explain how teachers in specific inquiry groups created, shared, and commented on learning stories that promote access to equitable learning environments and outcomes.

The chapter describes how the integrated work of inquiry groups and the development of learning stories aligns with newly released principles and strategies from NAEYC’s Advancing Equity in ECE position statement.

This is Chapter 5 of the SALSA book, Learning Stories and Teacher Inquiry Groups, which can be ordered on the NAEYC site or on Amazon.

SALSA ("Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America") is a non-profit Learning Story advocacy group. Learn more and/or join SALSA here.

Certificate available at completion.

Your teacher

Associate Professor Annie White, PhD

California, United States
Dr. Annie White is an Assistant Professor with the Early Childhood Studies program at California State University, Channel Islands where she teaches early childhood courses.

Dr. White has conducted research in the USA on Learning Stories with Head Start programs, homeless shelter child care centers, infant and toddler programs, and diverse family child care homes.