What you'll learn

What does it take for you and your team to turn up with purpose every day?

And what does it mean to be intentional? Showing up each day willing to teach is not enough. Intentional teaching is about being deliberate and thoughtful so that your educational program reflects the interests, pursuits and challenges required by children as individuals and in groups.

Teaching with purpose, with an ability to adapt and invent to meet the needs of your children each and every day is not easy.

Kelly Goodsir will explore the important professional capacities required by an educator to be intentional such as engaging a wide range of teaching strategies and the ability to translate their knowledge into practice everyday

Your Instructor

Consultant Kelly Goodsir

Melbourne, Australia
Kelly is an early childhood education consultant, study tour guide and thought leader.

She started her own early childhood service at the age of 21 and was an early mover in New Zealand in the 2000's, an exciting period in New Zealand early childhood education. She moved to Australia, with a number of program management and leadership roles and eventually started KG Consulting. She hosts Study Tours to New Zealand, and runs a consulting practice in Australia.