Introducing Families to the Virtues of Learning Stories

by Lindsey Shafer

We know that Learning Stories are a wonderful opportunity for families to better understand: (1) their child as a learner and (2) you as a teacher. But most families have no idea what Learning Stories are.

In this webinar, Lindsey dives into her ideas on how get families informed and excited about Learning Stories, and then how to use Learning Stories to create a very special family-teacher partnership around each child.

Thursday, August 18, 4pm EST
Friday, August 19, 8am NZT

What Lindsey will cover ...

How to get families excited about the opportunity Learning Stories give them to participate in their child's education

  • Learning Stories are written to the child - a gift to each family, written to be read and a keepsake

  • Learning Stories help families see the learning and your teaching - they can then feedback and/or extend the learning at home

  • The family's voice and the child's voice can be captured in Learning Stories - as input into planning next steps

The course starts in ...

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Your instructor

Head Start Coach Lindsey Shafer

Lindsey Shafer is an early childhood educator in northern California, working for 12+ years as a teacher, specialist and coach.

Lindsey was a board member for Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America (SALSA) and continues to support teachers and directors in writing Learning Stories. She facilitates inquiry groups, and presents online webinars and at conferences.

Lindsey is passionate about using Learning Stories to strengthen relationships, foster reflective teaching practices, inspire discovery, and encourage play. She writes Learning Stories to educators that she works with and has been writing Learning Stories as a mom.