How To Write Learning Stories
For Staff Development

Leverage strengths-based thinking to jumpstart staff development! Learning Stories for teachers encourage reflection, collaboration, and growth, and they are a powerful tool for professional development.

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Certificate available at completion.

Learn and Improve Outcomes

Learning Stories aren't just for children! Write Learning Stories about your staff and teachers to build trust and collaboration at your center.

  • Understand your staff better with a holistic picture of their work

  • Create strong relationships among colleagues

  • Improve teaching practice that directly affects children at your center

Your Instructor

Senior Instructor Jacqueline Ryan

Jacqueline is an Early Childhood Educator from Lompoc, California.

She has a background in behavior management and the Outdoor Classroom, and she has a passion for Learning Stories, which she sees as a way to connect to children, to families, and to her peers. She helps educators use Learning Stories to provide a way to celebrate learning and develop individual identities.

Jacqueline is working on a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with an Emphasis on Educational Leadership and Administration.