See the Child, Not the Checklist - Learning Stories

by Lindsey Shafer

How do we shift assessment from being private data-focused checklists to child-focused stories that are shared?

This webinar is about putting the child at the heart of your documentation, while still meeting all state assessment requirements.

What Lindsey will cover ...

How writing Learning Stories is a meaningful assessment process

  • Subjective, not objective - adding heart to your stories

  • Reflective, not busy work - writing helps your thinking evolve for each child, this is authentic assessment

  • Shared, not private - how assessment in story format can start meaningful conversations with families

The course starts in ...

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Your instructor

Head Start Coach Lindsey Shafer

Lindsey Shafer is an early childhood educator in northern California, working for 12+ years as a teacher, specialist and coach.

Lindsey was a board member for Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America (SALSA) and continues to support teachers and directors in writing Learning Stories. She facilitates inquiry groups, and presents online webinars and at conferences.

Lindsey is passionate about using Learning Stories to strengthen relationships, foster reflective teaching practices, inspire discovery, and encourage play. She writes Learning Stories to educators that she works with and has been writing Learning Stories as a mom.