Using Learning Stories to Work Through Challenging Behavior

by Julia Koumbassa

Since Learning Stories focus on strengths, it is often assumed that they cannot serve as a tool to address challenging behaviors. But, Learning Stories can, in fact, help us reflect on and devise strategies to support challenging behavior in the classroom.

In this session, we explore how to do just that!

This is a recorded session.

What you'll learn

  • Observe

    How to looking for Learning Story moments that will help you see triggers or influences on challenging behavior.

  • Reflect

    How to write in a way that helps you collect your thoughts where the primary question is "Do I understand this child?"

  • Collaborate

    How to write a possibly sensitive Learning Story that can start a meaningful conversation with the child's family.

Your webinar host

Senior Instructor Julia Koumbassa

Director of Professional Services, Educa, United States
Julia Koumbassa joins Educa after eight years as Center Director at University of Michigan. All told, Julia has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for almost 25 years - as a leader, teacher, trainer and parent educator.

Julia has a passion for bringing new understandings and perspectives to the work and finds joy in helping educators grow and thrive.

More recently, Julia has developed a keen interest in Learning Stories. She has visited Aotearoa New Zealand twice.