What you'll learn

The learning story is a powerful way to illustrate a child's development in a way that is both understandable and engaging for parents.

However, there is a real art to writing a learning story that serves both purposes -- as an assessment tool and to communicate learning progress to parents. One secret is identifying your big picture thoughts, and sticking to them.

Early education expert, Kelly Goodsir, will help you write compelling learning stories, finding the BIG NARRATIVE story lines that not only matter for the child, but also resonate with parents.

Here's what Kelly covers:
- Learning story basics
- What is the big narrative?
- How to keep focused on what matters
- Focus points for your next learning stories

Consultant Kelly Goodsir

Melbourne, Australia
Kelly is an early childhood education consultant, study tour guide and thought leader.

She started her own early childhood service at the age of 21 and was an early mover in New Zealand in the 2000's, an exciting period in New Zealand early childhood education. She moved to Australia, with a number of program management and leadership roles and eventually started KG Consulting. She hosts Study Tours to New Zealand, and runs a consulting practice in Australia.